304 stainless steel plate Common surface treatment technology

304 stainless steel plate Common surface treatment technology

Feb 06, 2020

        304 stainless steel plate is a common surface treatment technology. The stainless steel coil plate is basically made of 304 base, which has excellent appearance solution. At this stage, the common metal surface treatment technology on the sales market can be applied to stainless steel coil plate.

         The most common polyester filament and staple filament on the market is 304 stainless steel plate. After the production and processing of 304 series stainless steel, it has excellent practical effects of decorative design, taking into account the customer's decorative design. A 304 series stainless steel can have very good effects after blooming.

         Simple production equipment, low actual operation cost, wide application coverage, and gradually forming necessary machinery and equipment for production and processing. Therefore, most of the production and processing can be produced in the middle of the polished strips and filaments, in which 304 steel accounts for about 80%.

         304 series stainless steel shows the ultimate decorative art after scraping, and can be applied to the wood grain boards of elevator cars and electrical products. Cold rolled 304 series stainless steel generally has a prominent effect after passing the cut. There are also some cutting processes that can show hot rolled stainless steel on the sales market, and the actual effect is equivalent to a cold rolling mill.

Stainless steel wire drawing can also be divided into thin strips and short wires. Elevator cars are generally decorated with polyester filaments, and a variety of small appliances and kitchen supplies are selected.
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