The 21st Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Fair

The 21st Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Fair

Jun 28, 2019

The 21st Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Fair (held on May 18th each year, referred to as "518") will start a five-day event at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center. It is also the second day of Wanjia's participation in the Haifa Fair.

Wan Jiayu made his debut at the exhibition in Fujian. As Yao Yu, the marketing director, said that Wanjiahao Stainless Steel has great influence in Fujian, not only the market share is far ahead, but also the products have been highly praised by local customers in Fujian for many years. And in the local area to create a number of 瞩 destination project, such as Wanda Plaza, Xiamen University and other classic cases.

In addition to displaying the latest and best quality stainless steel plates and pipe materials, the purpose of this exhibition is to represent the latest styles of stainless steel doors, the best craftsmanship and technology, and look forward to building a communication with stainless steel practitioners across the country. The platform and opportunity are also the reasons for interpreting "Why are good materials selected for Wanjia" at the exhibition site.





Meet Wanjia

The Wanjia Exhibition Hall is located in Hall 10, 10A03T, and the 108-square-meter exhibition area is blooming and the scene is full of popularity. Wanjiayi will build two pavilions in the pavilion, the starry sky pavilion with materials, and the finished product pavilion with materials to release the infinite energy of stainless steel charm! Suitable for people engaged in the decorative stainless steel industry, especially those producing stainless steel doors, patio doors, stair railings can come to learn to exchange and learn.

In addition to showcasing the best-selling products of the Qingya series, the show also exposed two new products for the first time: Royal Sandalwood and Lucky Fortune. The product's texture and color are beautiful, and its use in stainless steel doors makes it the star of the exhibition, leading the fashion trend of the industry.

The Wanjiatun booth is crowded with people, and the visitors are attracted by products with diverse styles, exquisite craftsmanship and exquisite fashion. Take a look, touch it, take a shot, ask. After four steps, people have more understanding of the design, research and development, and production connotation of Wanjiahao products.
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