WJH|Guangdong Observing Contract and Credit Enterprise

WJH|Guangdong Observing Contract and Credit Enterprise

Jun 28, 2019

It is reported that the honorary title of "Guangdong Observing Contract and Credit Enterprise" is based on the persistence of persistence, based on honesty and building, based on brand building, and continuously strengthens corporate credit construction, and always regards "contract-honoring and credit" as the corporate image. An important task to promote enterprise development. It is an important part of the construction of social credit system. Guangdong Province “shoushou” enterprise certification, the introduction of enterprise credit standard system by Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, social influence on enterprises and brands, contract credit management system, contract behavior, contract performance Comprehensive assessment and strict review of conditions, operational benefits, and social credibility will eventually be publicized to the public.

Honesty and performance

The enterprises that have been assessed and publicized are all high-quality enterprises that perform honesty and law-abiding operations in various industries, and are also benchmarking units of integrity that are recognized and trusted by state institutions. Wan Jiayu's award-winning award also reflects the full recognition of the management department and the market.

Maintain character and strength

Honest and trustworthy, the foundation of the industry! Under the increasingly mature market mechanism, customers have begun to have a variety of criteria for the selection of products and products. At this moment, which is full of embarrassing and short-term interests, Wan Jiaxuan responds to the call of the country's quality power, maintains character and determination, adheres to the belief, adheres to the ideal and pursues, and always adheres to the real material "SUS304" pure material to build the stainless steel industry. The credit system establishes a model of enterprise quality, jointly creates a good atmosphere of honesty management and rest assured consumption, and forms a demonstration effect of stainless steel benchmarking.

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