Heat treatment method for stainless steel pipe and heat-resistant steel pipe

Heat treatment method for stainless steel pipe and heat-resistant steel pipe

Dec 14, 2019

First, stainless steel pipe and heat-resistant steel pipes must be cleaned. Generally, workpieces and fixtures need to be cleaned of foreign matters such as oil, residual salts and paint before heat treatment. Then the fixture used in the vacuum furnace, so the relevant degassing and purification treatment cannot be performed in advance below the required vacuum degree of the workpiece.

Next, the furnace is installed. Generally, the easily deformed workpieces in the heat treatment process need to be heated by a special fixture. The workpieces need to be placed in an effective heating area to be heated. Of course, not all workpieces can be directly heated. For workpieces with more complex shapes and larger section thicknesses, preheating can be performed first. Generally, the pre-heating method is as follows: the first pre-heating is 800 ° C, and the second pre-heating is 500-550 ° C, and the pre-heating speed should be limited.

During the formal heating, do not heat the stainless steel workpiece with the groove not through the hole in the salt bath furnace. When heating, there must be sufficient holding time, which can generally be calculated according to the good reference table of the workpiece.

Attention should also be paid to the cooling treatment after the heating is completed. When the heated workpiece is air-cooled, it should be placed in a dry place. When it is cooled to room temperature, it needs to be cleaned, deep-cooled and tempered. The interval between quenching and tempering must not exceed 4 hours.
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