Intellectual Property Management System Certification

Intellectual Property Management System Certification

Jul 17, 2019

On November 26, Wan Jiayu obtained the “Intellectual Property Management System Certification” issued by China Standard (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd., which marked the formal approval of the company's intellectual property management system certification audit, and the operation of the intellectual property management system conforms to national standards. : GB/T29490-2013 has entered a new level in the management, creation, application and protection of intellectual property.

It is understood that the "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Code" is China's first national enterprise intellectual property management standard, covering the strategic layout of enterprise intellectual property, technology research and development production, human resources management, marketing, rights protection, etc. A comprehensive specification. For companies that meet the standards, the national certification body will give certification.

The 21st century is the era of knowledge economy, and innovation is the soul of the era of knowledge economy. In order to promote the continuous improvement of the independent innovation capability and the application level of intellectual property rights in China, the State Intellectual Property Office drafted and formulated the GB/T 29490-2013 enterprise intellectual property management standard approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Administration. Born.

We know that the threshold for entry into the decorative stainless steel industry is not high, the product homogeneity is serious, the technical barriers are insufficient to prevent counterfeiting, and the protection awareness of intellectual property protection is weak. For example, the trademark name of “Wanjiayu” has found that many merchants are taking advantage of counterfeiting, and Wanjia’s “Yanye Shenxiang” and other series of products have been imitated by the imitation of the cottage. The phenomenon of brand-name and cottage products will make us very "injured". The brand reputation that has been painstakingly built for many years has been seriously damaged, and it has aggravated the consumer confidence crisis in the industry. It is a big "disease" in the decorative stainless steel industry. 

The creation, accumulation, management, application and protection of intellectual property rights are already one of the important strategies for the development of enterprises today, and an important guarantee for the innovation capability and sustainable development of enterprises. To this end, Wan Jiayu officially introduced and implemented the “Intellectual Property Management Regulations GB/T 29490-2013” throughout the company in October 2017. In order to effectively carry out the IPR compliance, the IPR Initiative and Diagnostic Meeting was held to accelerate the implementation of the IP management system to the daily work flow of each functional department of Wanjia, and to strengthen the standardization of the IP management system.

As a leading manufacturer of innovative decorative stainless steel, Wanjia has introduced an intellectual property management system since October last year, which will play an important role in promoting the company's long-term development. At the same time, the establishment of systematic intellectual property management and technical transformation management will also Promote the efficiency of product development, production, sales, publicity, human resources and other aspects of the work, on the one hand can penetrate the intellectual property awareness into the corporate culture, improve employees' awareness of intellectual property creation, mobilize the creative enthusiasm of employees, fully tap Its creative potential; on the other hand, it is also conducive to strengthening the company's awareness of intellectual property risk prevention, optimizing management mechanisms and reducing operational risks. Therefore, the improvement of the intellectual property system is an important system that affects the sustainable development of Wanjia.

Today, with the increasing attention to intellectual property rights, the intellectual property road of enterprises has a long way to go. Implementing the enterprise intellectual property management norms is an inevitable move of Wanjiayi's intellectual property strategy. Wanjiayi will continue to operate a scientific and effective intellectual property management system, continuously improve the level of intellectual property management of enterprises, enhance the innovation vitality of enterprises, enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, and make Wanjiayi become the leader of innovative technology enterprises in the industry. Intellectual property rights will also become an important driving engine for enterprise development, escorting the sustainable development of enterprises.
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