Several advantages of 304 stainless steel plate

Several advantages of 304 stainless steel plate

Dec 23, 2019

Many people now use 304 stainless steel plate at home, but few people know what is the difference between the 304 stainless steel plate they use and other steel plates. Let us introduce some advantages of 304 stainless steel plate.

1, dry grinding and drawing

Now there are very common filaments and short filaments on the market. After processing the surface of the 316 series stainless steel plate, it can show a good decorative effect. It may be frosted several times to meet the requirements of general decorative materials. The 304 series stainless steel is more convenient. This can form a good effect after one frosting.

Because the related processing equipment is cheaper and has no technical operation content, the processing cost is relatively low, but because of its wide application, it has become a necessary equipment for processing centers. Most processing centers can provide matte plates for filament and staple, of which 304 stainless steel accounts for more than 82%.
304 stainless steel plate
2, oil mill drawing

304 series stainless steel generally shows perfect decorative effect after oil grinding. Generally, this material is widely used in decorative panels of elevators, home appliances and so on. Cold-rolled 304 series stainless steel can achieve good results after a single sanding. Now there are still some processing centers in the stainless steel market that can provide oily sanding of hot-rolled stainless steel.

General oily drawing is also distinguished between filament and staple. Elevator decoration is generally made of filament, while various household appliances or kitchen utensils are available in both patterns.

3, 8K processing

The performance of 304 series stainless steel in 8K processing is significantly better than that of 200 series stainless steel. This is because the 2B cold-rolled surface can achieve a mirror effect after 8K processing and grinding. Currently, nitric acid and iron oxide red are used in the 8K grinding process, so the price is relatively low, and the value of the equipment itself is also low, so the general grinding cost is low, so 304 stainless steel can be widely promoted.

4, titanium

In the selection of high-end decorative materials, 304 series stainless steel can be used in the decoration of titanium gold from a long time ago, and now it has been widely used in elevators and building decorative materials.
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