Stainless steel door selection method

Stainless steel door selection method

Oct 26, 2019

The stainless steel door is a door made of stainless steel plate material. It has the same appearance as a normal door. The main material is stainless steel plate. The filler is usually foam or honeycomb paper. It will have a solid feeling when struck.

In the middle of the stainless steel door is the door flower, the door flower clip is between the inner and outer two layers of glass, so it can function as a security door. It can be used to make various door flower parts. The residential area is the most used, generally used as a household. The door protects the inner door from being damaged.
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As a high-quality metal material, stainless steel has been widely used in various production fields, such as stainless steel pots, stainless steel spoons, stainless steel doors, etc., which are made of stainless steel. So what is a stainless steel door? What are its purchasing methods? Let me introduce you to everyone below!

Stainless steel door selection method

1. It is necessary to select a stainless steel door that is produced by a manufacturer with quality assurance.

2. Pay attention to the lock that is the same as the door opening direction.

3, pay attention to the width of the door frame, the ball lock and handle lock can not be installed on the door less than 90 mm.

4. Pay special attention when installing stainless steel door. Only remove the end with insurance to install it. Never remove the end with the key. It is best to read the manual carefully before installation.

5, do not drop the oil into the lock, if the key is not flexible, you can put some pencil core scraps into the key eye.

6. If you inadvertently rotate the house insurance 90 degrees in time to become permanent insurance, you can only use the key to open and only need to rotate the insurance 90 degrees counterclockwise to recover.

7. Do not wipe the lock body and handle with a damp cloth to avoid rust.

8. When closing the door, it is best to hold the handle, screw the lock tongue into the lock body, and then release the door after the door is closed. Do not force the door to hit the door, otherwise the service life of the lock will be reduced.
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