Teach you the characteristics of the texture of Brushed stainless steel plate

Teach you the characteristics of the texture of Brushed stainless steel plate

Mar 28, 2020

          Brushed stainless steel plate is a relatively hot type in the decorative plate, and the development speed of modern machinery, so there are many kinds of stainless steel wire drawing process. Many times we see that Brushed stainless steel plate can clearly show every fine silk mark, so that The stainless steel matte has a fine hair luster, which is such a special silky texture but can not be touched, especially if the silky texture is relatively fine, it will not feel anything.

          The wire drawing process is generally used in the processing of metal pressure. Under external force, stainless steel can be forced through the mold, so that the cross-sectional area of ​​the stainless steel is compressed, and the required shape and size can be obtained. This method It is called drawing process.
Brushed stainless steel plate
          The formation of ruled wire drawing is the processing of straight lines on the stainless steel surface by mechanical friction. This is the simplest and roughest method in the wire drawing process. Scribble wire drawing is a kind of irregular, no obvious grain drawing on the wire drawing die running at high speed, causing the stainless steel to move back and forth, left and right, and friction.

           The corrugation is generally made on a brushing machine or a texturing machine. Generally, the axial movement of the upper set of grinding rollers is directly used to polish the metal surface, and then a wavy pattern is obtained. Swirling is a drilling machine equipped with cylindrical felts or grinding stone nylon wheels, using kerosene to blend and polish the grease, so that the metal surface is rotated and polished to form a brushed pattern.

           Compared to stainless steel made by wire drawing, Brushed stainless steel plate is more wear-resistant. If the thickness of stainless steel is very precise, it is not recommended to use wire drawing for surface treatment, because this process will There is a certain degree of wear on the surface of the stainless steel substrate. If another layer of stainless steel anti-fingerprint UV varnish is used, the corrosion resistance can be improved a second time.
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