The 20th China Construction Expo - "Building" Certificate Wanjiayu Stainless Steel Charm

The 20th China Construction Expo - "Building" Certificate Wanjiayu Stainless Steel Charm

Jul 17, 2019

From July 8th to 11th, the 20th China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) was held in the Canton Fair and the Poly World Trade Center. The exhibition attracted more than 2,000 brand companies from 23 provinces (cities, districts) and Hong Kong and Taiwan. The total exhibition area exceeded 400,000 square meters, and the scale continued to rank first in the world. As a famous brand product in Guangdong Province and a leading enterprise in the stainless steel industry in Foshan, Wanjiatun’s “steel and steel” is good.

1.First exposure

This is the first time that Wan Jialu has appeared at the Jianbo Fair. The purpose is very clear. It is to make the decorative stainless steel appear on the large-scale professional building materials platform, and let the people in the door and window industry of the entire Expo know or understand in depth, in the doors and windows. The choice of materials reveals the unique charm of decorative stainless steel.

2. Simple

The Wanjia Exhibition Hall is simple and exquisite. Every detail in the exhibition hall reflects the pursuit of the high-end quality of stainless steel for the professionalism of Wanjia, 22 years. The products are mainly original Chinese style Qingya beads series, steel Zhuo high-end beads The tube, as well as the Wanjia 泓 stainless steel fittings; among them, the new high-end beaded tube product of Wanjia 泓Steel-Shangshan Ruo Shui was unveiled at the exhibition, which attracted the inside and outside of the industry to enter the store for appreciation.

3. Rendering

From the conception to the realization of the Wanjia Exhibition Hall, the precise positioning of the stainless steel-based form is the result of the understanding and expression of the deep artistic culture of stainless steel. Carrying out the concept of combining aesthetics and practicality, Wanjiayi is based on simple fashion, and strongly presents the high-end stainless steel materials and finished products in the door and window industry to meet the rigid and instinctual needs of the home space environment, and bring it to the door and window industry. Customers have better and more cost-effective choices in materials, and the extraordinary charm of stainless steel.


Since Wanjia has completed the brand transformation, Wanjia has always been able to meet the needs of the market as an insight, and its products are constantly upgrading, providing consumers with the most IN-quality high-quality stainless steel products to meet customers' needs for high-end stainless steel applications. 

In this exhibition, Wanjiayi presented the main product sections in many aspects and aspects. The perfect product system and multi-level product structure made the distributors and customers who came to visit all praise. In the case of increased market competition, Wanjiayu has dared to break through and showcases a variety of applications for stainless steel products. Stainless steel can be used not only for door and window stair railings, but also for various commercial spaces, home screens and desktops. , cabinets, furniture and other decoration, and now the industry's top designers are more urgent to explore more application needs.

5. Follow

This is a process of integration and development. “To provide a total solution for the big home construction industry” is the theme of this organizer, which will definitely use decorative stainless steel. And Wan Jiayu is constantly evolving in order to provide consumers with satisfactory stainless steel integration and customized services.

After 22 years of development, Wanjiayu has become the main force of domestic decorative stainless steel. In 2018, the developing Wanjiayu was strongly concerned by professionals inside and outside the industry. In addition to the high popularity of the exhibition hall, it also attracted headlines and China. Building materials network, Guangdong TV station and stainless steel industry media came to report.

6. Thinking

As we all know, the decorative stainless steel has broad prospects in the door and window industry, but the current application range is relatively narrow. Compared with wooden doors, aluminum materials and copper doors, stainless steel is inevitably too much.

For this reason, we must actively and actively participate in this large-scale industry-oriented counterpart exhibition. It is hoped that not only Wanjiayu, but the representative enterprises of the whole stainless steel industry, and even the downstream stainless steel doors and windows, will gather together. Demonstrate the material, advantages, craftsmanship, price and unique charm of stainless steel.

We always say that we want to expand the scope of application in the field of stainless steel, and the exhibition is one of the breakthroughs. We can use the big platform to go out and “kill” into the road of decorative building materials industry. Don't use their own small abacus, think about how to kill opponents with low prices, and then wait for the next day to be killed by others..... This kind of recurring situation hinders the healthy development of the industry.

Of course, the iron needs to be hard, and the decorative stainless steel industry needs too much innovation in craftsmanship and design. After many years, I hope that in this large-scale professional exhibition, stainless steel can gain the right to speak on the market, and there is a place for the door and window industry to choose a decorative stainless steel material. I believe that the stainless steel industry is like waking up from a sleeping lion. The future will be a great success!

7. The future

In the big stage of the construction of the Expo, the trend of product fashion trends promotes brand development and self-realization. And Wanjiayi will continue to take products as vitality, innovation as driving force, courage to seize opportunities, actively explore development, and work hard to join hands with more quality partners to inject new vitality into the stainless steel market.

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