What to do if the surface of brushed stainless steel tube is damaged

What to do if the surface of brushed stainless steel tube is damaged

May 14, 2020

In the production process of brushed stainless steel tube, if rust spots appear on the surface, welding spatter will easily occur during welding. Therefore, scratches will appear on the surface of the stainless steel welded pipe in use.What should I do in these situations?

If the rust spots are seen before or during the manufacturing process, the stainless steel welded pipe products or equipment are rusted, which means that the surface is seriously polluted.

The rust needs to be removed before the equipment is put into use, and the thoroughly cleaned surface of the brushed stainless steel tube should be inspected by iron test or water test.
brushed stainless steel tube
Brushed stainless steel tube welding spatter. When this happens, the parameters must be adjusted. If you want to solve the problem of welding spatter, you should apply anti-splash agent on each side of the joint before welding, so that the adhesion of the spatter can be eliminated.

After welding, the anti-splash agent and various spatters can be easily cleaned away, without damaging the surface or causing slight damage.

Scratches, in order to prevent the accumulation of process lubricants or products or dirt, then mechanical cleaning of scratches and other rough surfaces is required.

The manufacturing process of stainless steel welded pipe must be fine, and some small problems can be avoided, so as to ensure the quality of the product.
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