Why does the stainless steel pipe rust

Why does the stainless steel pipe rust

Oct 26, 2019

Rusting is a chemical reaction that is essentially the oxidation of metals. The most common rust phenomenon is that iron products are exposed to air for a long time and oxygen is oxidized, or is eroded by oxygen in water to form oxides.

The anti-rust mechanism of stainless steel pipe is that the alloying element forms a dense oxide film on its surface to prevent oxidation or even penetration of oxygen atoms, thereby obtaining a "rust-proof" ability. When the protective film is damaged, if it is not treated in time, rust will occur:
                                      stainless steel pipe
1. A large amount of chloride ions are present in the environment, and the stainless steel tube is corroded quickly in the presence of chloride ions.

2. With an organic solution, under the action of oxidation, an organic acid can be formed, and the acidity on the surface causes corrosion damage for a long time.

3. Humid air, metal elements and their formation of "battery effect", ionization reaction, which will also lead to rust in stainless steel pipes
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